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Property Management Services For Apartment Properties In Texas 

Maximize your investment potential with
a modern management platform and central services center.

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The property management team you choose can
make or break your real estate investment

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Is your property hitting its
financial performance potential?

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Are you confident in the quality
and stability of on-site staff?

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Do you have the data you need
to make informed decisions?

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Is communication timely and
transparent? Expectations clear?

A new solution to property management

Hire the expert property management team
who knows what it takes to get the highest
return for your investment

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Eliminate costly
on-site leasing agents

An underutilized and often distracted on-site leasing agent doesn't deliver a strong ROI. Our hybrid staffing model provides a central support solution that's laser-focused on leasing and resident retention. Plus they offload many back-office tasks typically handled by the on-site office manager.

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Make great customer
service the standard

In today's world of social media and online reviews, nothing kills momentum at your property faster than poor customer experience. With our customer-first culture and modern central support solutions, residents are happier, stay longer and tell the world about it.

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Maintain a high
leasing velocity

The longer a unit is vacant, the more money you lose. To reduce vacancy time between leases you need a pro-active data driven approach. Our experienced leasing agents know how to read the data and turn over units as quickly as possible.

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Know what's going on at
all times

Because you can't fix what you don't know is broken, timely communication is crucial to protecting your investment. With a dedicated customer success manager sending weekly key performance metrics to your inbox, we keep you in the driver's seat.

The Velo residential model reduces operating
costs and provides a better resident experience

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Traditional on-site staffing model is flawed

  • Vector (1) One leasing agent goes underutilized for days while
    another is overwhelmed, missing vital opportunities.
  • Vector (1) With the workload out of balance, owners lose money
    paying for downtime and lost leasing opportunities.
  • Vector (1) The office manager is buried in back-office tasks
    leading to high stress, high turnover, and long-term loss
    of revenue.
  • Vector (1) No time to focus on residents results in a bad
    customer experience and negative reviews that diminish
    the value of your investment.

Solution: Hybrid staffing model with central support services

  • Vector (4) A central services center handles back-offices tasks
    traditionally completed by the on-site staff.
  • Vector (4) The office manager is less stressed and has time to
    focus on what brings in revenue - residents & prospects.
  • Vector (4) Leasing automation with a virtual representative at
    the helm ensures that no time is wasted and nothing
    gets buried.
  • Vector (4) Ownership saves time and money by balancing the
    workload and eliminating costly on-site leasing agents.

Plus, weekly KPI reports so you can make
informed decisions that maximize your return

With weekly Key Performance Indicators sent
directly to your email inbox, Velo Residential
keeps you in the driver’s seat.

Real time data at your fingertips means you
always know how your property is doing so you
can make decisions with confidence.

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Schedule A Consultation

We'll review your business plan and determine how we can maximize your return while minimizing your stress.

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See The Numbers

You'll receive a customized Operate4Profit business proposal that outlines the steps we'll take to achieve your goals.


Maximize Your Investment

We'll execute your step-by-step plan while you watch your investment grow.

Partner with Velo Residential and leave the
hard work to us

  • Group 11 Market surveys

  • Group 11 Proforma budgeting

  • Group 11 Pre-purchase due diligence
  • Group 11 Property takeover & staffing

  • Group 11 Website and social media setup

  • Group 11 Exterior and amenity renovation


From simple upgrades to major overhauls, we know how to take a property that’s old and tired and create a community where people want to live.

The Velo Renovation team has the experience and know how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

3 Things You Can Do
Right Now To Increase
Your Operating Profits

Download this guide to learn the 3 things all multifamily property
owners should be doing to bring in more revenue and eliminate
wasteful spending.


Stop wasting money on services that don't
deliver a strong ROI

Work with an experienced property management team that cares about
your investment as much as you do.