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Website Banner Multifamily Operators Roundtable - Mar 23

Multifamily Operators Roundtable of Dallas-Fort Worth

Let's face it, an investment property isn't much of an investment, if no one wants to live there.

Creating a community that attracts high-quality tenants will secure your investment. The problem is most owners miss the mark on the renovation. Which is the first big step to creating a highly sought-after community.

Getting a multifamily renovation right can be a massive undertaking. It requires strategic planning and precise execution. From initial due diligence, design, planning and budgeting to full construction management execution, it's enough to make anyone's head spin.

At our next DFW Multifamily Operators Roundtable meeting on Wednesday March 23, we'll be talking to two construction and renovation experts to uncover some simple tips and strategies to ensure that your renovation project goes smoothly and stays on budget.

Our guest speakers will be Bryan Amos of Omni Construction and Michael Cagle of Velo Renovation.

After the meeting, we'll all head over to The Ranch at Las Colinas for drinks and food sponsored by our good friends at Priority Roofing.

This is an invite only event - and it's completely FREE.